Gabriel Reyes

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  • March 29, 2019: Leave Your Mark -Sacramento, Ca


  • April 2018: Group showing, "Down to Earth", Channel Brewing Co -Stockton, Ca
  • February 2018: Group showing at The Goodwin Gallery -Stockton, Ca
  • February 2018: Group showing, "People of Stockton", Empresso -Stockton, Ca
  • December 2017: Group showing, "Choose Your Destiny", Channel Brewing Co & Cast Iron Trading Co-Stockton, Ca
  • October 2017: Group showing, "Creepshow III", Bella Vista Cucina rooftop - Stockton, Ca
  • September 2017: Common Contributors show, "The Common Contributors", Cast Iron Trading Co- Stockton, Ca
  • August 2017: Group showing, "Music Is Art", B Sharp School of Music -Lodi, Ca
  • August 2017: The Vibe: Music & Art Festival, Stockton, Ca
  • June 2017: Group showing at The Goodwin Gallery -Stockton, Ca
  • May 2017: Group showing, "Pieced Together", Channel Brewing Co -Stockton, Ca
  • May 2017: Tiger Lands: Music & Art Festival, University of the Pacific -Stockton, Ca
  • February 2017: Group showing, "Date Night", The Federal Building -Stockton, Ca
  • January 2017: Benefit show for Aleppo, "Art for Aleppo", Cast Iron Trading Co- Stockton, Ca
  • October 2016: Group showing, "Creepshow II", The Art Korner -Stockton, Ca
  • July 2016: Group showing, "1850 Live", French 25 rooftop -Stockton, Ca
  • June 2016: Group showing, "Over the Edge" the Sycamore -Stockton, Ca
  • May 2016: Group showing, "Through the Looking Glass", Brick & Mortar -Stockton, Ca
  • May 2016: Group showing, " (re)Discover ", The Federal Building -Stockton, Ca
  • April 2016: Group showing, "Muddy Waters", Cal Pine -Stockton, Ca
  • November 2015: Group showing, "Ackbar's Art Collection: a Star Wars art tribute", Empresso -Stockton, Ca
  • September 2015: Group showing, "So You Think You Know Kung Fu?!", Empresso -Stockton, Ca
  • July 2015: Group showing, "Illustrated art show celebrating Al's Comics" Empresso -Stockton, Ca